Renewable Energy Curriculum-
with a science technology engineering math theme



This program offers cutting-edge research on the latest technologies in renewable energy. The topics explored will be wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cell technology.


Students will learn the basic components and theory of matter and energy.


The program will encourage students to look at the many ways to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.


It will also benefit students by engaging them to technical careers at an early age. 



·         Teach students fundamental science laws and principles through hands on project base learning.

·         Students will learn energy audits on campus to reduce carbon footprint and use excel spreadsheets to determine utilities cost of the building.

·         Participants will team up to compare and evaluate energy-efficient lighting; heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems to determine what cost savings can be gained.

·         Students will construct and build a working 100 watt solar generator and solar phone chargers.

·         Trainees will design and construct a functional one cell and five cell hydrogen fuel cell that is capable of powering robotic devices.

·         Students will collaborate and create innovative ways to connect the technologies into a functioning product.

·         Prepare a future workforce in renewable energy.

·         Students will study innovative renewable energy and cogeneration systems then prepare a business model.


Alternative Energy Curriculum


Basic electrical/electronics

  1.0 Basic atomic Geometric structure of Atoms

electrons, protons, neutrons

Periodic table

Arrangement of atoms and electrons

Electron orbitals valence electrons

Simple circuits

Ohms Law Algebraic operation 

Volts amperes resistance(ohms)

Conductors load switch

Shorts open and grounds

Multimeter Operation

Testing Voltage

Testing Resistance

Testing amperage


Electronic for renewable system

Power conversion dc to dc boosters and converters

Power conversion dc to ac inverters

Power conversion strategy  

hybrid power system and design


Alternative Energy Curriculum


Solar Energy

The affects of fossil fuels on our society

Global warming

Energy growth by 2030

Disadvantage of our current energy technologies


History of Solar cells


Types of photovoltaic system

Principle and characteristics of solar cells

Solar energy and theory

Photo generation of charge carriers and PN Junction

Electromagnetic Spectrum and Energy Loss

Solar power Application

Solar power cars


Wind Energy


Introduction and history of Wind Power

Principle and Characteristics of Wind turbine

Apart and types of wind turbine

Theoretical and Capacity of wind turbine energy



Hydrogen Fuel Cells



History of fuel cells

How do fuel cells works

Types of fuel cell

Stack Design and Configuration

Operating Conditions

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