Enrolling our program is simple and easy. Just fill out the form below, with basic information about the applicant. Our online application helps us to match the applicant's needs and interests with our available programs. Evaluation is based on interests, aspiration, academic progression, and so forth.

Information requested will include, the legal name of applicant, and their parent/legal guardian, name and address of
school, the principal's contact info, applicants grades, and demographics.

If you are an adult seeking training for certifications, or to build your career with our Career Builder Program, enrollment and tuition options for several certifications will soon be available.
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    STELAR Institute requests this information in order to learn more about the potential student. This information is submitted solely to our administrators, to assist us in targeting specific needs for all of our applicants. Our evaluation does not condone discrimination, however, the demographic of our applicants must match our services and programs.

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    Please inform us about your educational status, your educational and career interests. This allows us to place our applications in courses that would best fit them, and meet all their needs.

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    In brief, tell us more about yourself, your aspirations in life, your goals, and so forth. Getting to know you as our applicant gives us more details about who you are, what interests you, and your long term goals. With this information, we can offer courses that will best serve you, in realizing your dreams and full potential.

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    If the applicant have any special needs concerning grades, performance, behavior, health and so on, please list them below. This information is strictly confedential; it only allows our evaluation team to learn more about applicants' needs to best match them with our programs.

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