Noob to Pro Technology and Graphic Arts Curriculum-
Covering beginner to professional courses for technology and digital art



They say “technology is the way of the future”… Wouldn’t you like to shape that future? Now you can! Go from Noob to Pro with our courses of technology and technological arts, and discover your capacity of extreme ingenuity, creativity and technical innovation.


Grow from the basics of computer tech, to code and programming, creating 3D simulated environments for scientific testing, and so much more! Our curriculum also encompasses step by step training of graphic arts, programming for commercial grade game development, software and app development, 3D printing (create 3D models, and print them into actual physical three dimensional objects!), and so on!




Each student will receive hands on, and direct interaction with our professional instructors. This assures thorough training from beginner to expert, and a fully fledged learning experience.


Learn your hardware! Extensive lessons on technical hardware structure for consumer electronics, some machinery along with performing technical repairs for electronics.


Code anything! Take courses for professional, collegiate level programming for computers, software, mobile devices, IT, app development and much more!


Love video and PC games? Become a game developer, create and sell your own! Our program offers noob to pro lessons for game engineering for many platforms, ranging from game consoles, PCs, online gaming and mobile devices.


Graphic arts are used for many fields, such as animations, logos and web development. However, we expand our classes and mini courses into the fields of AAA grade 3D for animation, games, special effects and far more grounds other after school courses do not cover, nor offer.


Apart from just courses on 3D for animation and games, we also offer classes in 3D for printing! Learn how to sculpt in 3D, creating action figures, unique one of a kind cell phone cases, model vehicles and inventions, and even print parts for constructing your very own electronic devices!


Students will explore the world of programming virtual simulated environment development; the same technology used for advanced virtual rides, movie production, game development, scientific experimentations and demonstrations used by NASA, meteorology, the military and more.


At the end of each course, our students will produce a product for study, practice and the eventual goal of marketing (part of training). Once graduated from our collective training, each student will have a complete portfolio which can be used for career building.


Our grads will also learn about building career plans to best suit their ventures, whether based in employment, entrepreneurship or freelance contracting.


Our courses run from 18 – 24 weeks, covering all aspects of technology, graphic arts, virtual environment simulation and 3D.


Noob to Pro Technology and Graphic Arts Curriculum

TECHNOLOGY- Our technology program offers beginner to expert courses, primarily for computer technology. Our lessons cover hardware, software, programming, OS development, and devices.

                COURSE I

                                Introduction to Technology

                                Discussions about Computer Technology

                                Computer Crash Course


                COURSE II

                                Meet the Computer

                                Computer Hardware (BASICS)

                                Computer Software (BASICS)


                COURSE III: Computer Hardware (ADVANCED)

                                Computer Hardware I

                                Computer Hardware II

                                Computer Hardware III


                COURSE IV: Programming

                                Introduction to code

                                Introduction to programming    

                                Code and Programming I

                                Code and Programming II

                                Code and Programming III


CLUB ANIME- This program centers on complete graphics and visual arts training, which covers computer animation, Japanese animation, 3D, CGI (computer generated image) development, story development, character design, creature design, Photoshop, comics/manga, and so on. At the end of each course, a product of animation will be produced by our students.


                CGI painting

                Computer Animation

                Japanese Animation

                Writing (screenplay, story dev, character dev, etc.)


                Electronic Marketing

                3D art (see “3D SCULPT”)


3D SCULPT- This particular program focuses on detailed courses on 3D character design, creature and machine design, special effects, painting and so forth, along with virtual physics used for 3D animation and game design. Courses run from basic to expert level design.

                Beginner I

                Beginner II

                Beginner II


                Advanced I

                Advanced II

                Advanced III


                Expert I

                Expert II

                Expert III


CLUB GAME DEV- Club Game Dev encompasses the use of graphic arts, 3D graphics and computer engineering for game design and 3D virtual simulations. This program focuses on basic to expert programming, 3D design and animation, CAD development, plot based diagrams and mind mapping, music, building custom gaming devices and much more.

                3D Sculpting

                3D CAD

                Content Creation

                Story Dev



                Custom console development




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